Narcos Idle Cartel

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What is one of the main sources of income all over the world? Surely, selling drugs. And in this game you will assume the role of a narco cartel leader! You will have to make sure your drugs sell well and your profit increases every day. And for that you need to hire the right people. Starting from staff producing drugs to those who deliver them to the customers, you are about to build a whole empire that will make you stinky rich!

It’s very important to upgrade your workers and increase their skills. The faster they work the more cash they will bring you. One of the main features of the game is that it’s based on a popular Netflix TV series and the plot of the game goes hand in hand with the story told from the screen. So you can enjoy both! Play this amazing clicker game, help El Patron to establish a profitable drug business and create an international narco cartel known in the furthest corners of the world!

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