Squid Game

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Hello again! Squid Game welcomes you! This game is based on a captivating nine-episode survival thriller with memorable characters, filmed with irony and intrigue.
Squid Game is a third-person arcade action game. In this game, you have to follow the instructions of the staff and quickly head to the game room. At the end of the game, you can obtain a prize pool of 46.5 billion Korean won.
The heroes of the Squid Game series are people who are on the brink and cannot pay off their debts. They are offered a simple chance to make money: they have to play six children’s games within six days. The winner who goes to the end and does not violate the bylaws will receive a large cash prize. At first glance, everything seems simple. This is why 456 strangers agree to the terms of the contract. During the first game, they learn that a tempting offer has another rule – if the player is eliminated, the player dies immediately.
What’s really curious about this game is that such a struggle for survival takes place within the framework of children’s Korean games. Players are forced to cheat, team up, rely on luck, and ultimately decide if they are willing to cross the line by losing their sense of humanity.
The following games are available: Red light_Green light, Sugar honeycomb, Tug of war, Marble, Glass stepped stones, Squid Game.
In addition, the game features bright graphics and beautiful musical accompaniment, which are quite rare in this genre. Then you can be sure that you will fully relax when plunging into this game.
Immerse yourself in this virtual world as soon as possible and fully enjoy all the emotions that this game will give you. Therefore, boldly go forward and win. Moreover, you deserve it.
This game involves literally from the first second. Accordingly, you must do everything to win. Moreover, the main prize is more than $ 3.5 million.

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