Mr. Hopps Playhouse Games

Mr. Hopps Playhouse games will invite you to the world of a little girl’s nightmares who thinks her bunny is alive and very evil. Together with her, you will have to search a dark sleeping house trying to figure out how to get rid of the wicked toy and stay alive. Beware of Mr. Hopps, he can be lurking right behind your back!

The story starts when the main heroine receives a present from her grandma – a cute white bunny. However, granny soon goes mad, and the girl thinks it has something to do with the very toy she gave her. Could it be that there is a monster hiding under this innocent-looking plush guise? Every night our character wakes up to strange noises and finds scratch marks all over her room. Mr. Hopps mysteriously disappears from his place and then shows up at various parts of the house leading her to suppose it’s him who is responsible for her sleepless nights.

Eventually, the girl decides to put a stop to this and boldly sets out on a search trip around the house. You have to control her walking carefully and jumping over the toys scattered on the floor not to make too much noise. Stay away from Mr. Hopps who can appear out of the blue any moment. He may even pretend to be your grandmother who is back from the mental house, but you shouldn’t really believe your eyes when she asks you for a hug. Creepy gameplay, atmospheric setting and intriguing plot will keep you glued to the screen for hours!

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