Friday Night Funkin Games

Real fans of hip hop and music in general just cannot miss this stunning rhythm game! Yes, we are talking about Friday Night Funkin, a great entertainment for everyone who likes dancing and singing. Even if you stay in front of your screen, you can still become a star of the rap battle. Only now, only in Friday Night Funkin! We have prepared a whole range of the games from these great series, which includes all parts, mods, and updates. You are welcome to enjoy them all as much as you want to – all games and their modfications are free and available online.
The game Friday Night Funkin is a great story-based musical adventure. The game is so popular because it is rich for content, original characters, and incredible songs to enjoy. Meet the main character – he is called Boyfriend. This fellow is a young rapper, ambitious and ready to compete with everyone who stands on his way. All the battles in the game are musical – you will have to follow the beats and rhythms, press the right arrows, and overcome your opponents. These are numerous characters, strange and interesting – each has his own purpose to challenge you for a battle, unique personality, and style. Also, there is a cute Girlfriend who is engaged in her Boyfriend’s story a lot. Not only she is present on every of his rap battles, but also she is the one who knows how to help him evolve and improve his skills. In the training mode, she will help the main character to master cool combos and learn impressive moves.

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