FNF vs Whitty Corruption The Chase

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Whitty is a character that you may have encountered in the previous FNF games. He is always angry and now he is angrier than ever because he has got the dangerous virus that corrupts him. Boyfriend’s task is to stop him and get him back to his usual mood. Help BF to do it quickly and efficiently. These original songs will be your task in this rhythm battle: Pressure, Deprave, and Interfernum. You can defeat Corrupted Whitty together with BF.

The gameplay involves the two modes to choose from – the Story and Free Game ones. Use the arrow keys on your mobile or keyboard to control the note arrows and match them successfully. If you reach the end of each song, you will win. If you miss some notes or do not click them on time, you will lose and have to start from the very beginning. So, be attentive and good luck!

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