Wobbly Life Games

Wobbly Life games are a whole virtual world where you can open new locations, explore them for treasures, find a job and take part in a great variety of mini-games. You can enjoy your time here alone or invite your friends to arrange a riveting competition in racing, garbage collection or other things with up to 8 participants!

The whole story starts with you being a computer game freak who lives with his grandma and spends his entire time staring into the screen. Finally the old lady gets sick of it and kicks you out screaming that you need to have a life of your own and learn to take care of yourself. That’s how you end up in the street not knowing what to do now. Don’t worry, you just can’t fail on Wobbly Island! First of all, you need some money to buy a house. That means you have to find a job. And there are lots of them to choose from! Local newspaper, nuclear station, burger bar and many other locations are waiting to hire you. Aside from earning cash, you will also complete various missions that will make the whole process more interesting.

But the best part starts after you walk out of your place of employment and plunge into exploring the city! A good deal of surprises are waiting for you in its most remote corners. Moreover, you can participate in various races and contests, both alone and with your friends. Discover the amazing opportunities opening up before you in Wobbly Life games and have fun!

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