Siren Head Games

Siren Head games will set you up against one of the most terrible creatures you’ve ever seen. It’s a siren – a tall, skinny being distantly resembling a human with a pair of speakers on its head. You have to get out of the forest inhabited by these monsters alive and avoid their shockwave hit that can instantly kill you!

Nobody has any idea who sirens are and where they have come from. But ever since they appeared in the local woods, people are afraid to set foot there. They never attack in the open – instead, they lurk in the shadows, watching you from afar, waiting for the right moment. If you see a lanky silhouette between the trees, be extra careful and sit in your hiding quietly without giving away your presence! Otherwise they will show you their main disastrous force – a creepy sound that makes you freeze on the spot and lose conscience.

Luckily, you aren’t totally defenseless against these monsters – you have a gun that you can use on them. Of course, it’s hard to kill a siren at one shot, they are very strong. Aim for the head if you want to deliver maximum damage. Note that the sounds of fire may attract other sirens if they are nearby. So it’s always better to avoid any unnecessary noise and move by stealth.

In the process, you’ll also have to solve a series of puzzles. They won’t be particularly complicated, so you’ll definitely crack them with ease. Enjoy the thrill that washes over you as you make your way through this spooky forest and don’t get caught!

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