Adventure Games

There is nothing better than a nice and vibrant adventure! Especially, when it happens in a fantastic world, somewhere on the other planet, in the distant future, or in a parallel universe. This becomes possible when you play amazing adventure games, where bright events and unusual characters are waiting for you! We have prepared a nice collection of the best games for you – these are high-rated representatives of the adventure genre. We bet that you will have a great time enjoying them! And the best part – they are all free and available online!
Adventure games are always full of puzzles, mystery-solving, item gathering, and development of your character. All of them are driven by a detailed plot, include numerous characters to communicate with, and various inventory to collect. Each adventure game assigns you a quest to complete. Traditionally, there is a central one and numerous side-quests or supporting tasks to deal with. Even though there are gathering and character development in most adventure titles, they usually exclude too much combat and violence. While there are hybrids of adventure games and action games, they are still much calmer.
So if you enjoy completing diverse tasks inside one game, then the adventure genre is something you will definitely like. Such games include puzzles for logic and reasoning, abstract thinking, and even ethical dilemmas. Also, there are items to collect and use smartly. The mini-games and larger quests are usually diverse – we bet that you will never get bored playing one of the adventure games from our collection! Launch now and have fun!

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