Hello Neighbor Games

Are you sure you know everything about your neighbors? Then we invite you to play Hello Neighbor! Your hero is a young man who just moved to a new town and is trying to make friends with everybody in the neighborhoods. But one man who lives in the house in front of you seems to avoid any contact. So what is wrong with him? Your curiosity encourages you to find out more. But for this, you will have to penetrate into the possession of your neighbor. Are you ready for such a risk? Once you break the window and get inside the house, you will understand you are in trouble! Your opponent is not so stupid as you think and has set a lot of traps around. Now your task is to solve an endless chain of puzzles and quests to dig out the truth. Your aim is to get to the basement as your enemy is definitely hiding something here. You need to move very carefully otherwise the owner of the house is going to kill you! In this project, you will play against artificial intelligence. And it means that all your activities will be thoroughly analyzed and the plot will be readjusted on the go. Even if you have to start the walkthrough from the very beginning – all the traps and obstacles will be fully rearranged. But the game is worth the candle, as you want to find all the clues, don’t you? So, if you have enough guts to go through this trial full of thrills, welcome to the Hello Neighbor series! You will like this unpredictable adventure!

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