FNAF Games

FNAF games are made in the genre of horror. They confront the player with a bunch of murderous toys – animatronics that are brought to life after dark by some evil force. Working as a night guard, you have to hold out for five nights against these brutal creatures that will try to kill you!

Your pizza please… have a nice death!

This pizza place isn’t an ordinary one. During the day, it looks quite hospitable and cozy. The pizza is great, it’s a family hangout, and little kids love singing and dancing puppets that entertain the guests. Their favorite is Freddy, a cute bear with a golden fur. However, after the building is closed and everyone is out, strange things start happening inside. The mechanical toys that were sitting on the shelves just a minute ago without any signs of life suddenly open their eyes and jump off to the floor. They move and roam around although nobody wound them up! But the creepiest thing is that they appear to be rather aggressive and will gladly murder anyone who comes their way. The toys are led by Freddy who is the most dangerous and cunning of all. If you hope to survive among them, you’ll have to be even smarter and very careful!

Don’t let Freddy and his friends get to you!

The game is divided in five rounds. Each round corresponds to another night of your work at the pizza house. Your have no weapon to protect yourself – only the walls of your glass booth. That won’t hold the animatronics back for too long if they get to you… So you have to make sure they stay away for as long as possible! Luckily, you have some useful tools under your control. Firstly, you can watch your enemies through security cameras that are placed all over the buildings. You’ll see every room on your screen and will be able to monitor the movements of the puppets.

However, it’s just half of the job. You also need to prevent them from approaching you which can be done by closing and opening electric doors that are controlled from your booth. There is a catch though – the power supply is running low with every time you do that, so you have to resort to that very rarely. You don’t want to run out of energy and stay completely defenseless just halfway through the night! Then nothing will stand between you and the wicked animatronics anymore… Each of them comes with their own unique patterns of behavior and scary tricks that you can study to learn your enemy better. Play our amazing FNAF games online and enjoy the thrill!

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