Mortal Kombat Games

Mortal Kombat is a legendary series of fighting games that debuted on consoles and has remained one of the most popular throughout all these years. Fight against various characters with unique abilities on an atmospheric arena. Use special moves, combos and of course spectacular fatalities to defeat your opponent!

Fighting games have always been a priority for the strong half of humanity. Their special subgenre is the Mortal Kombat series, which are incredibly realistic and quite brutal. In addition to fists and legs, your fighter can also use various super abilities. There are enough heroes in the game, from which you can choose your perfect warrior and go through all the circles of hell – climb the tournament ladder to the very top, where the final battle awaits you for the right to be called the champion of the world. The name of the series is not without a reason, because in every duel, the loser will die.

It is the scene of finishing off a defeated enemy that bears shades of special harshness, for which it was nicknamed fatality. If you want to save the life of your hero and get closer to the coveted trophy, you need to master all their skills and demonstrate a lightning-fast reaction in the battle. There is an option to play against the AI or another player. Enjoy the riveting gameplay and amazing graphics, discover the strong sides of various characters and have fun!

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