Granny Games

Granny games will challenge you to run away from a crazy old maniac who locks her victims in the house and gives them five days to escape. You have to search the building, find various items and keys and unlock the front door. Be careful, Granny is watching you and she won’t let you go that easily!

Years ago, Granny was just like everyone else. She had a family and was quite happy. But after a series of tragic events, she lost all of her dear ones and went mad. Now she takes joy in others’ misery. She lures careless travelers into her house at the edge of the forest and plays a grim version of hide-and-seek with them. At the beginning, you’ll wake in the bedroom upstairs – that’s where you’ll respawn after every failed attempt. Remember that you only have five of them, so you can’t waste them being incautious and clumsy!

Granny hears everything that is going on in the building. Making noise is a sure way to attract her attention. So if you drop something or step on a creaky floor board, she will instantly appear on the porch. Then you have to hide as well as you can and hope she won’t find you! At the same time, you have to collect a series of items that are needed to successfully get out of the house. It can be done in several ways. There are also three difficulty modes with Granny getting progressively faster and stronger. Play Granny games online and see if you can deal with this bitter old lady!

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