Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man games will immerse you in the world of super heroes and riveting adventures! Together with Peter Parker, you’ll be exploring your amazing powers, fighting cunning enemies and saving mere people from danger. Pass daring levels, complete all the missions and defeat the most powerful villains of all times!

After a bite of a radioactive spider, the main hero of these games has become super strong and super agile. He discovered that he could now jump very high, climb vertical surfaces and even shoot cobweb from his hands. So he decided to use all these incredible abilities to restore order in his city that is flooded with crime. Prepare for serious challenges and a lot of action! You’ll have to dedicate your time to patrolling the town looking out for any signs of unrest and eliminating its source. What can be a better reward for a super hero than knowing you just saved a man from being hit by a car or rescued a woman from a bunch of robbers?

But minor opponents are nothing compared to real enemies that are always plotting something against unsuspecting citizens. You’ll be freeing hostages, defusing bombs, preventing massive disasters from happening and thwarting the plans of Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus and other famous villains. Get rewards for accomplishing quests, collect bonuses scattered around the levels, use power-ups and boosters to increase your abilities and enjoy the thrill of our amazing Spider-Man games online!

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