Ice Scream Horror Games

Ice Scream Horror games will put you in the role of a young detective who follows a serial killer disguised as an ice cream man to free his friends. Your task is to sneak inside his van and follow him everywhere to find out where he keeps the key from the cage where the rest of the children are locked. If he sees you, you will join them and your future won’t be too bright!

All this began on one sunny summer day. You were sitting in your room and looking out of the window. Suddenly you saw the ice cream man using some sort of an ice power on one of your friends who came up to his van to buy a vanilla cone. Then the maniac snatch the frozen child and put him into his van. Nobody saw that except you. But you can’t let it be just like that! Look into your drawer for a rope and climb out of the window! Then hide in a kennel in the backyard and watch the ice cream man through a hole in the wall. You’ll see him drop something. Sneak up and pick it up. It’s a map with several places marked on it! Perhaps that’s where you should start looking?

The gameplay of Ice Scream Horror consists of snooping around and revealing your enemy’s secrets. You’ll have to make sure he doesn’t catch sight of you because then you will be in a great danger. On each location, you need to find a certain object that serves as a piece of a puzzle. Your task is to figure out the connection between them and eventually free your friends from the grip of the terrible ice cream man! Good luck!

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