Shooting Games

Shooters are thrilling and energetic. This genre is known as a sub-genre of action games, where all of your best skills are required. Prepare to show your reaction, reflexes, speed, and attentiveness or die! The shooters are usually suitable for solo players as well as for cooperative teams. You can enjoy the linear story-driven titles as well as massive battles in the multiplayers, where dozens of rivals will stand against you. Become a winner whatever format you choose and enjoy real energy of the battle!
Fight against the other characters played by PC or real players using mostly firearm. The best shooting games have wide arsenals of weapons to present and you can gather a huge collection to lead different battles and choose relevant strategies regarding the situation you experience. For example, you may gather some ammunition to defend yourself, grenades to fight from a distance, and various accessories for special vision in the darkness.
Mostly, when walking around the battle field, you will have a chance to improve your current arsenal, gathering new weapons and becoming stronger. Also, there are health kits to heal your wounds, so take care of yourself! All titles of this thrilling genre usually have one aim – you have to kill your opponents and deal with numerous missions. The main thing is to stay alive yourself and avoid being hurt or killed. Your aim is to keep your character alive until you cope with all missions and most preferably – defeat the opponents.

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