Horror Games

Horror games belong to the most popular genre in the Igaming industry. Horror films and books have been in high demand for more than a century, but in an online form, this entertainment appeared only a few dozen years ago. There are several subgenres popular among players today – shooter, indie and survival. In horror shooter games, the player needs to destroy a huge number of monsters and other evil creatures. Indie is a totally different genre. Here you will not be attacked by a continuous flow of scary enemies, but your nerves will be on edge. The main feature is that you will be intimidated by the characteristic atmosphere of the game: frightening music and unexpected screams. The survival genre includes all the features the scary game may have. Here you will confront numerous monsters, ominous music and an exciting storyline. It is up to you what entertainment type to choose. But be sure that horror will fill your soul, and the heart will first freeze, and then it will beat in a crazy rhythm jumping out from your chest. You will notice your hands tremble and feel your hair start moving with cold sweat covering you all over. Ready for some thrill? If you are still not scared and ready to tickle your nerves, then join one of the games on this site. It will certainly make you shake with fear sooner or later. And be careful – monsters can be behind any door. We have collected the best games that can scare the hell out of you.

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