Talking Angela Games

Talking Angela games will introduce you to a charming cat who will become your best friend. You will take care of her, feed her, wash her and put her to sleep. And of course dress her up in a variety of bright outfits that you can buy for coins earned while increasing your level!

Angela is an adorable and friendly character who enjoys the company of people. She can even talk! To hear her voice, you just need to say something into your microphone and she’ll repeat it immediately. She will also react to your touches – you can stroke her to hear delightful purring. At first, Angela will be just a little kitten. You will have to feed her from a bottle and change her diapers because she will be totally helpless. But as your level increases, she will grow up. First she will turn into a teenager and then into a young cat. You’ll be proud of her achievements!

Your heroine lives in a cozy house that has several rooms. Each room is meant for some particular activity. For instance, you can cook healthy food in the kitchen, take a bath and do makeup in the bathroom and have a good sleep in the bedroom. Attending to your vital needs is important because if Angela is tired, hungry or her hygiene is bad, she won’t be in the mood to play with you. And there are so many amazing mini-games for you to try! They will help you earn extra coins and diamonds to buy clothes, furniture and other great stuff. Have fun with Angela and make sure she is healthy and happy!

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