Games for Girls

Games for girls will take you to the world of fashion, beautiful clothes, bright makeup and romantic dates. Here you can select stunning outfits for your favorite heroines, help them cook dinner and furnish their rooms, enjoy various spa procedures, take care of little kitties and puppies and do a lot of other interesting stuff!

What do girls like to do? First of all, dressing up and attending to their looks. These games offer plenty of ways to do that without spending even a drop of cosmetics and having to wash your face if you don’t like the result. You can experiment with your virtual wardrobe, combine various clothing items, change the color of your heroine’s hair, do her nails and make her ready for special occasions. For instance, homecoming or her wedding day!

Among other things, you can learn cooking, decorate your home for holidays, grow your own virtual garden, gather a houseful of pets, draw beautiful pictures and solve tricky puzzles. Many of these games invite you to spend your leisure in the company of popular cartoon heroines like Elza and Hannah from Frozen or the ponies from Friendship Is a Miracle. It’s much more exciting to do all this stuff when you know that you’re trying for them! Have a good time playing our amazing games for girls online!

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