Secret Neighbor

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If you are a fan of horror games, you will definitely love this one! Secret Neighbor will set you up against a crazy killer whose house you need to search for proof of his dark deeds. There are six of you, but you have to show good teamwork if you hope to deal with the Neighbor and get out of this terrible place alive!

At the beginning of the match, you will be assigned the role of either a child or the Neighbor. Children need to watch out and avoid being caught by the killer. At the same time, they need to search the entire building looking for keys from all the doors. That will help them collect evidence against the maniac who has already killed plenty of people. On the other hand, the Neighbor needs to catch them off guard one by one and lock them in cages. Both roles are equally thrilling each in their own way, so you have to try both of them!

Participants have 15 minutes for each game, but often outcome is reached much faster. Everything depends on the team’s coherence – if all the participants walk separately, the killer will catch everyone every fast one at a time and put them in cages (where they can be obtained from). On the other hand, if you stick together, it will be much more difficult to explore the whole house. So you have to make a choice between risk and the speed of finding keys.

As you can see, the gameplay is far from simple, there is a lot of diversity in it, and every time it’s going to be a new experience. Just remember that the Neighbor has the ability to disguise himself as one of the kids, so you can never know who you are talking to! Stay on your guard and don’t let the killer take you aback! Keep your eyes peeled and carefully watch everything that is happening around you. Enjoy Secret Neighbor online and have a great time playing this fascinating horror game!

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