Run Of Life

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Run of Life is an unusual race in which you have to compete with time itself! As you progress, your character will get older, and the only way to avoid death is to deftly maneuver between obstacles and collect rejuvenating flasks.

You will start your journey as a child. But don’t think that you have your whole life ahead! After all, every trap that you get into will add several years to your age. Above the hero’s head you will see a special strip that will show you your age. Your task is to complete the level without getting so old that you will no longer be able to continue running! At first, the obstacles will not be very difficult, but gradually they will become more and more complicated and you will have to show remarkable reflexes in order to bypass all the traps. Well, if you have already fallen into one of them and approached a dangerous age, it is enough to collect a few jars of medicines to rejuvenate!

The levels are a route filled with obstacles, as well as special walls with clocks. Having reached such a wall, you must go to the correct clock and break it in order to continue your journey. Also, there will be several wheels of fortune be waiting for you, on which you can spin, for example, a day at the spa, that will also make you younger. Completing all levels and not growing too old is not an easy task that only very attentive and focused players can cope with. Will you be able to do it? Play Run of Life and find out!

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