I Am Fish

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The story of I Am Fish tells us about a group of fish that lived in the same aquarium, but one day they were separated. They soon got bored in their bowls and decided to run away. You’ll have to move through the city full of dangers and obstacles, struggling to stay in the water all the time and making your way to the sea shore!

Start your journey to the ocean!

Longing is an extremely unpleasant thing, even for fish. And that’s inevitable if you live in a small round portable aquarium. Luckily, one day our character realized that it could roll. Without thinking twice, the fish decided to start its journey and set out to find friends. In general, there are four characters, their main goal is to get to the ocean, where the friends can unite and finally find freedom.

The fish will have to move around houses, city streets, electric wires, and all this being in a round aquarium, sometimes there will be other objects like a bucket. Sometimes fish will be thrown into various reservoirs, such as a fountain, pool or sewer. In the game there is no map, the player must intuitively feel where to move, somewhere you can try to shorten the road. But it is important to remember that the fish is in the aquarium, which is not particularly durable and can break with any small fall. For our hero, it is equal to death. It is worth noting that the physics of the aquarium movement is well developed, the player should control drifts and tilts, especially if the movement takes place on hills and there is a risk of falling.

Pass all the levels and unlock bonus ones!

As you move through the locations, it is desirable to collect bread crumbs, they will be scattered in several pieces at each level. These bread pieces will help you earn achievements and gain access to bonus levels. There you can fly into space or set out to search for portals to other worlds. So you see, this game can be even more than just a story about four runaway fish!

Visually, the game is designed nicely, like some kind of children’s cartoon, the graphics are at a high level. And it’s cool that there are no unnecessary inserts, maps, data, health scales and other things on the screen, because this only increases the feeling as if you are watching a cartoon. Of course, it is more convenient to play through a gamepad, but you can also adapt to the keyboard. And for connoisseurs of hardcore, the game even provides a complicated control mode. See for yourself playing I Am Fish online!

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