Prehistoric Kingdom

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Looking for some new entertainment that would distract you from traditional plots of online games? Then you should test Prehistoric Kingdom. It is a fabulous simulator of a zoo. This place is not a plain zoo as you may think. It is a park where animals from previous epochs live. But you will need to build this park from scratch. All you get at the beginning of the game is a wide piece of land. The next step is to create the appropriate environment for dinosaurs and other weird creatures from the past. You will have to breathe in life in extinct animals and make them happy in their new home. Once you expand your park to a big enough size, you will need assistants – so you can hire some employees to help you around. And if everything works well, you can demonstrate your creation to others. Visitors will bring you money for this that you can further use to add more improvements to your zoo. Dive into this engaging entertainment to create the zoo of your dream!

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