Pico Park

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Look at these cute multicolored creatures running around the map. Who do you think they are? These are you and your friends trying to find an exit from another level of Pico Park! This fun puzzle game will test your logic, ingenuity and friendship. Are you ready to begin?

Each level of this game will represent a series of challenges you need to overcome in order to move forward. The ultimate goal is to collect all the keys that are scattered throughout the map. Most of the times, they’ll be waiting for you in the most hard-to-reach places and you’ll have to try hard if you hope to get hold of them. For instance, the key might be hanging in the air over the abyss, and the only way to get to it will be attaching each other to a stretchy rope and hanging down from a platform moving in a way that will allow the players underneath to snatch it.

The riddles will be changing as you move through the levels, they won’t be the same, so you’ll have to come up with a new approach every time. And that’s what makes the game particularly enticing. This is one of the best puzzle games with multiplayer you can enjoy in the web. Gather your friends, play Pico Park online right now and have fun!

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