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If you are an avid fan of GTA, you just can’t skip the fifth and last chapter of the famous criminal saga! Here you will be in control of three heroes instead of one, and you will even be able to switch between them while passing missions. The world has become even more detailed and realistic, and there are tons of side quests and gripping activities waiting for you here!

Tons of things to do and enjoy!

Ask a dozen people what they remember about GTA V and you’ll get a dozen different answers. Rockstar has created an even bigger story that is vibrant at multiple levels of perception. Pleasant sensations from fast driving, exciting tasks, witty conversations and deep characters, sarcastic political satire, caustic mockery of competitors and show business…

Among all this diversity, every player will surely find something to enjoy. One just wants to drive a powerful car along avenues and highways. The other, putting his gamepad aside, watches the release of the fictional show Fame or Shame, parodying popular TV contests. The third raises millions on the virtual exchange. And someone just flies through the plot, wanting to quickly find out how the misadventures of Michael, Franklin and Trevor, who have become a single team by the will of fate, are going to end.

Three heroes at once!

The heroes are in no hurry to get on the right path. This story is not about atonement for sins and payment for crimes. Each of them has an impressive count of wrecked cars and corpses. They realize they are complete moral monsters and that nothing can be done about it. By the way, don’t skip side missions – they are set no worse than the main campaign, and are unique for each of the heroes.

In general, it’s a great idea to give the player three characters at once. You can switch between them freely, unless the cops are chasing you. Choosing a different character, you are likely to find him in some awkward situation. Trevor can be found in cow droppings and lying on the parapet of the bridge in his underpants, Franklin loves to walk with the dog or lie on the couch, Michael often misses the stolen yacht on the ocean shore. All that adds a lot of diversity and interest to the gameplay, and every player will be able to choose their own favorite among the three gangsters. Start playing GTA V right now, explore the vast world with open possibilities, discover all of its tricks and perks and see how the whole story is about to unravel before your eyes!

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