Friday Night Funkin Hex Mod

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Another week, another challenge for you, aspiring Boyfriend! If you want to be a real star of the hip hop scene, you need to keep yourself fit. To do that, make sure to test and polish your rap art. There is no better way to do that than competing with other rappers in furious musical battles. This time, your rival is a pretty unusual guy. Oh well, it is hard to name at least one ordinary rival you have ever had – these were demons, rappers with bomb-heads, your Girlfriend’s Dad, and more. However, this time, someone really strange is waiting for you. This is Hex!

Hex is your new rival in the Friday Night Funkin: Hex Mod. He looks like a tall and massive robot. His size is a couple of times larger than yours. His head is a TV-set and there is a smile on it. However, can you believe that this smile represents friendliness? Not very likely! This guy seems to be pretty nice, but you should be always ready for some tricks. Hex has a pretty large repertoire – his songs are cool and rather complicated. It is great if you have already played the game and grasped the main principles, because dealing with Hex is not a walk in a park. Still, the songs are pretty great and rhythmic, so we have no doubts that this will motivate you to outplay them perfectly.
Dance and sing like a star, watch the arrows carefully, and do your best to win the battle against the robotic basketballer. He is not an easy nut to crack, so you will have to try hard. Let the smile of your cute Girlfriend inspire you and get into the battle of the century now! The mod is free to play, as all the other games and mods on our website. Enjoy right now and remember that it is available online – you don’t have to download it to your device, just press the Play button and find yourself in the amazing world of Friday Night Funkin.

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