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Welcome to the newest edition of the legendary music-based arcade that you definitely know and love! As you can guess, in Friday Night Funkin multiplayer game, you will be able to compete against other people, including your friends. The battles will run over the internet, so you need a good connection – and of course, an ear for music!

FNF has already been a great game. And the only thing it missed was multiplayer. Many people grumbled about it eager to test their skills against their friends and other avid fans in the web. And now they have such an opportunity! In this new amazing version of the famous rhythm-bred arcade, you can find out what it’s like to battle with real people, not just some AI-controlled opponents whose level is determined solely by the difficulty settings. It’s going to be a new, much more exciting and unpredictable experience. The taste of defeat may be too poignant when you realize you just lost to another player like you, but then the taste of victory will be even sweeter when you finally triumph!

Just like in the regular version of Friday Night Funkin, here you need to show your excellent sense of rhythm and press the right buttons just in time to hit another note. Since the tempo of the songs will be changing quite a lot, you have to keep your ears sharp and be ready to adapt your performance on the fly. Missed notes will translate into lost points while every beat you strike successfully will increase your score. Your rival will try to do the same, so don’t relax until the battle is over! The progress of both opponents is reflected at the bottom of the screen, so you can always tell whether you’re ahead of behind and if you need to add some steam.

Don’t wait any further! Invite your friends to test how good they are at music, start a battle with them and see if you can demonstrate some extraordinary talent worthy of a rising music star! This will be much more exciting than playing the same game solo. Apply ever effort to win and enjoy the ovations!

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