Crash Bandicoot

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Do you know what a bandicoot is? It’s an exotic animal, some sort of a squirrel, living in Australia. That’s where you are going to set out playing this game. But you won’t have time to enjoy local views and hot sun – the main character is in danger! He is being chased by Dr. Neo Cortex and his helpers. Who is this doctor and why is he so scary? That’s what you are about to find out playing Crash Bandicoot!

Run, bandicoot, run!

The story takes us several months back when Crash was an ordinary animal, one of the many the crazy professor used to run his tests. He has always been big on genetics and one of his experiments turned out to be successful. Crash gained conscience and his other abilities were boosted as well. Feeling how strong he became, he bursted out of his cage and started running as fast as he could. Your task is to take control of Crash and guide him through all the obstacle-packed levels until he will be in the wild and safe again!

Can you pass all the levels?

The chase will span several locations, each coming with its own setting and enemies. Aside from watching your step and avoiding various traps, you have to look out for any hostile creatures that can attack you any time. Luckily, you can easily deal with anyone who threatens you simply by jumping on them or spinning into them. You can also collect a good deal of bonuses on the way that will either heal you, give you extra lives or increase your speed. Some of the boxes where these bonuses are contained might detonate – make sure to get away from those as soon as possible! Enjoy your amazing virtual adventures and help the brave bandicoot get away from his enemy!

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