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FNF developers invite you again to the lovely world of dance, rap and R&B. It is a musical game with a rather simple plot. You will play for the Boyfriend, the main character, who is trying to win the heart of the Girlfriend and persuade her evil dad they can be a nice couple. How to do it? You need to prove you have an excellent feeling of rhythm. For this, you will take part in numerous musical fights against all possible characters from other games and cartoons. All fights take place in the ring, and you will have to follow the arrows to dance as well as you can. There are multiple levels to go through and a lot of opponents to defeat. Every time you successfully progress to a new level or try a new mod, you meet someone new to outperform.
And this time, your main enemy is a famous character of Among Us – Impostor. This red traitor is very tricky, but his musical talents are worth attention. And you have only your skills against him and nothing else. Bit take a minute to remind yourself how many strong opponents you have already left behind, thanks to your fantastic sense of rhythm. Now you need to refresh all your abilities and show your best against Impostor. Are you ready to accept this challenge? Be sure to press the arrows on the screen correctly as you listen to the song. Once you make a false step, the red bar on the screen will change its color to red, and you will lose. So you must think and act at really lightning speed to get a victory over a treacherous enemy.
It is recommended to choose the story mode for a better experience. In this case, you will enjoy not only rhythm tournaments but also various scenes and dialogues between the characters. But you can also activate a tutorial mode to train. Enjoy playing without downloads and registration. And do not miss any further mods – a lot of fun still awaits you ahead.

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