Need For Speed Games

Need For Speed games offer the most exciting virtual racing experience ever! You just have to choose a car and start exploring new tracks, upgrading your vehicle and completing missions on the road. If you dream of speed, adrenaline and drive, you have the opportunity to experience it all here!

These games can’t be called regular races. Rather, it is a race without any rules, in which there is one clear goal: to get to the finish line very first in the shortest possible time. You can even ignore the traffic lights for the sake of achieving the purpose. Pedestrians and other cars are also no reason to stop! If you don’t want to just drive around the city without any point, arrange a small war between gangsters with a gripping shootout. There is an option to start a game in which two gangs have a disagreement which turns into a massive attack on both sides. Even civilians have to participate in this war. In such a story, you will have to drive your vehicle and evade pursuit, or, on the contrary, chase the villain. In this case, you will not only have to control the car, but also try to shoot the offender down on the go.

With the use of weapons, this race will instantly turn into a real action movie in which there will be only one survivor! If you hear the siren behind, don’t be alarmed, because this is just the police, from which you will be able to break away at high speed. With cops on your tail, the task will become much more complicated. Play Need For Speed games online and get soaked with adrenaline!

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