Fortnite Games

Fortnite is a riveting battle royale game that will test your ability to survive in harsh conditions and fight against multiple enemies. To win, you have to deal with all of your opponents that are controlled by real people just like you. Collect weapons, kill your rivals and beware of the poisonous gas coming in from the edges of the map!

So what exactly do you have to do in this game? The essence is simple: 100 players are simultaneously dropped onto a large-scale map, where they can pick up weapons, ammunition, and shoot each other. Every few minutes, the safe area on the map narrows, pulling the surviving players into the center. Thus, it comes down to one winner, who becomes the “king of the mountain”.

While many games of the genre push on to the realism of what is happening, Fortnite looks more casual. A great feature that sets it apart is the Build Mode: by collecting resources, players can build a shelter or a bridge for easy movement on the go. This adds variability to the game in the later stages: in order to survive longer, you don’t have to run with a shotgun at the ready – you can correctly hide from attacks.

So if you are looking for a unique battle royale experience, there is no better game that can provide you with it than Fortnite! Start playing it right now online, improve your reflexes and shooting skills, use various tactics to prevail over your enemies and increase your position on the leaderboards!

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