Games is one of, and, perhaps, the best and most realistic simulator of its kind. Here, you can drive both the most futuristic sports car and the jeep and, at the same time, create the most unique collisions. And also, watch them from the side on an external screen. Such an opportunity is unlikely to be given to you by another game.

To make things even more interesting, offers an endless variety of tracks and locations. In addition, you can create your own maps and have the ability in the editor to investigate the state of the machine in a similar way. The realism of everything that happens just rolls over! However, unlike the earlier version, there are no scenarios in the game. And everything goes in free mode. Complete freedom of action! At the same time, you can play both in single player mode and in the company of other players, which, of course, will be many times more interesting and exciting!
However, the main thing is that implements the physics of soft bodies, due to which, when a car collides with another car or a static object, it is damaged. This or that part of the vehicle, or one of its components. At the same time, visually, the car remains intact. Since it is flexible, and the consequences of an accident are simply imitated and at the same time fully felt.

Another thing that can please and pleasantly surprise is the ability to upload your maps and game modifications on the official website of the developer company. At the same time, the editor provides a full set of tools for this. A great opportunity to share your creativity with others and show your talent!

At the same time, in order to fully realize the technical potential of and enjoy high-quality graphics, minimum technical requirements for a computer on any of the operating systems are required. Accordingly, the application will not affect its performance in any way. It is interesting and comfortable to play such a game. That is why, in the rating of car simulators, it occupies one of the leading positions and belongs to the “Recommend” category.

In any case, will be appreciated by both experienced gamers and newbies. Therefore, it is definitely worth purchasing it. A lot of emotions, impressions, as well as an incredibly high level of adrenaline are assured to you. Spend time interestingly and informatively with

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