Apex Legends Games

Apex Legends is an online battle royale action game set in the Titanfall universe. There are no giant robots and running on vertical surfaces here, but there are unique heroes and hurricane battles. Your goal is to win as a team having defeated all of your rivals.

Up to 60 people take part in one match. You can’t play alone – matches run in teams of 3 people compete (that is, there are 20 teams in total on the map). If you have no one to play with, the game itself will select allies. Obviously, in combat, teamwork and player interaction are important. You can choose any heroes and try them in combination with others. For example, the team must have a support fighter and some kind of attack aircraft capable of quickly dealing with a crowd of opponents.

The landing is carried out by a team as well – there is no way to get into different corners of the map and die there. After landing, you need to look for good equipment. If there is the same item in your backpack, but with poorer characteristics, you simply cannot take it. Gun attachments are placed automatically. The battles are quite dynamic and spectacular. The map is not that big, and there are no desert territories on it – combats are constantly fought either in the mountains or in closed buildings. And all this gives rise to thousands of unique situations. After death, the game doesn’t end – your allies can resurrect you using a special device. Try our amazing Apex Legends games and have fun!

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